Bimini Tops

How can I determine the correct size for my boat?

There is one measurement that is critical – the width between the two points where you will attach the top to your boat. That is the width of bimini top you need. Height and length are based on preferences.

What is “standing height”

The standing height is where if you drew an imaginary line across the boat where the top is connected to the boat and then measured from that line straight up to the center of the top. Another way to look at it is if you installed the top on top of your driveway, the distance from the driveway to the center of the bimini would be the standing height.

To figure out how tall a top you want, you need to know how tall your gunwale is (the walls of your boat). If you want a top that has 6′ of clearance and your boat’s gunwale is 3′ tall then you would need a top with a standing height of 3′.

What if I break my bimini frame?

All Canvas Products Company bimini frames are engineered in parts. Each bow is three components: two sides and a center. Any piece can be replaced and will fit perfectly with your existing parts. To order replacement parts you can either call Canvas Products Company at 800-624-6671 or you can contact Coverspeed.com and we will facilitate the order.

Boat Covers

How do I find the right cover to fit my boat?

Coverspeed.com provides two options. If you know the make and model of your boat you can use the cover selection tool located here. If you are not certain of the make and model or if it is not listed in the selection tool, you can use the style selection tool which will walk you through a series of choices to find the type and size of your boat and the covers available.

Which is the best fabric?

There is no perfect or “best” fabric, which is why Coverspeed.com has many fabric options available to you. Each fabric has unique properties – some are stronger than others whereas some offer better color retention or breathability. We have created a chart for you to determine the best choice for your needs. Click here to view this chart in a new window.